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SEO content writing demystified

You have probably seen this term around the web and because you are a writer and not an online marketer, its true meaning remains obscure to you. In this post, we will attempt to clarify for you exactly what content writing for this niche entails.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Let’s break it down.

The Search: Joe has been in Florida doing business and has an appointment in Tampa later in the day. Then his car has breaks down. He is on the side of the road and he has an idea of where he is but is not really sure. He pulls out his mobile phone. Fact: 80 percent of online searches today are performed on mobile devices, i.e., phones and tablets.

The Engine: Joe has his mobile phone out and turned on and is about to open his browser. It may be set to Safari or Chrome. He will most likely perform his search using Google, Bing or Microsofts Internet Explorer. Fact: Google has officially taken over as the most popular browser internationally accounting for 32% of all searches.

The Optimization: Joe’s car is broken down. He is dismayed that he will be late for his appointment. He is worried about his car, his job and his client. He just wants someone competent to get him out of this mess and he needs to get a hold of that person now. So, Joe will quickly type in a search term to find what he needs. In this case, Joe needs a tow truck.

Remember we said that Joe has a general idea where he is but may not know the services in the area. Let’s say he types in towing or tow truck. What pops up on the screen next simply frustrates him: an ad for a truck driving school.

Key Word Terms

What is important for SEO content writers to know how to do is to anticipate the terms, called key words, that an individual will enter into their search browser in order to find a product, service or information. The more specific a term is to the item in question and the location of the item, the more likely it is to pop up.

If Joe wants to find the nearest tow truck service, he will most likely have the best success with such terms as towing service near tampa, or towing tampa, or even, assuming he has his location services in his phone turned on, towing near me.

SEO content writing is in high demand. There are numerous blogs, info sites and courses to be researched on the subject. We have tried here to give you a quick summary. Of course, there is more to it and learning to finesse this sort of writing will require some knowledge specific to the SEO market. We encourage you to explore this niche.

Make Your Own GIF

How to make your own GIF

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)is a simply the name for an animation made from still pictures. In the past, GIFs were produced mostly with Photoshop. Not the cheapest software around. But now, there are other ways to make your own GIFs for next to nothing.

FastCompany posted an article a while back called 7 DEAD SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE YOUR OWN GIFS by Tyler Hayes that will introduce you to some of the simplest, easiest to use products out there. There are even several for iPhones.

Other sites offering a free way to make a gif without having to register are, or

  • Follow the instructions carefully.
  • You may need to download free public software. Make sure you download only what works for your computer.
  • Have the photographs or illustrations on hand and ready to work with. Edit them before you start and keep them all the same size; you’ll get a better end product if quality and size are the same.

Welcome to the world of content creation

Just what is content creation?

You are reading content right this moment. It was created by me with you in mind. You want to know more about content creation because you want to work online. Here are some other things I think about you:

  • You have a degree in English, Journalism, Communications or even, Creative Writing.
  • Or maybe, you don’t have a degree, but you do know what you’re capable of and you can write.
  • You are a thorough and responsible researcher.
  • You know WordPress.
  • You easily handle all forms of media and know how to insert them into your posts.
  • You are a master at social media.
  • You can edit.

A super simple definition of content creation: the writing, visuals and interactive devices created for a website, or a blog, or a social media account.

Want to know more? 

Check out  The 5 Skills You Need to Become a Successful Content Writer by Sherry Gray (Entrepreneur, July 2015). In this very quick read, Ms. Gray talks about what it takes to make it in the field.